The Cannabis Handler and Marijuana Professional (CHAMP) Certification Course provides the industry professional with the fundamental skills that they need in order to operate legally and safely in the State of Alaska. We are a locally owned Fairbanks marijuana handler permit course provider, aiming at information sharing and community building in the Fairbanks area and the Alaska marijuana industry.

The Cannabis Handler and Marijuana Professional certification course is an in-person class and written examination that will take approximately four hours to complete. Upon completion of the course and a passing score (80% or better) on the written exam, each individual will receive a completion certificate needed to obtain a marijuana handlers permit from the State of Alaska.

The main focus of this training program addresses these specific areas:

  • To provide clear understanding of AS 17.37, AS 17.38, and 3 AAC Chapter 306. Regulation of Marijuana Industry
  • To give a clear explanation of the effects of marijuana consumption, as well as how to identify an impaired person
  • Determining valid identification
  • Preventing unlawful consumption
  • Building the necessary skills to safely handle difficult situations
  • To outline the penalties associated with unlawful acts

CHAMP will continue to build educational courses to connect industry professionals and field experts to aid in knowledge sharing and skill building.